Try our services ...properly

Posted by
Aaron Gregory

#FREETRIAL - As we prepare to enter our 10th year of trading, we're pleased to announce that we've seen the light and are lifting some of the limits on our 7 day free trial! Our free trial package will now have no bandwidth restriction at all, meaning your radio station can be streamed as much as you wish during your 7 day period.

We've also boosted the diskspace limit to 5GB, giving you plenty of space to upload files and experiment with the Auto DJ! You're now welcome to stream at any bitrate up to 320kb/s - so you can see what your service can really sound like.
Last but not least, we've upped the listener limits to 50 concurrent listeners, allowing you and 49 other friends to tune in and hear your broadcast.

Hopefully, these changes will allow you to fully test our services and provide a more accurate insight into live radio streaming with Streamerr!

We're looking forward to sharing our exciting plans with you over the coming weeks & months, thank you for being part of the Streamerr family! 📻


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