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How do I improve my radio presenting?

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Aaron Gregory

Live broadcasting is amazing, the thrill of communicating with your listeners via the facinating medium that is radio - however, it can take a lot of practice to become confident in your radio presenting skills. We thought we'd help out with a few handy tips & tricks as to how you can improve your radio presenting skills.

  1. Engage with your listeners!
    Radio is no longer a simple process. In the good old days, presenters used to host their show and leave - no complicated marketing, no gimmicks, just a few hours of entertainment followed by a cup of coffee. Not anymore. It's important that radio presenters engage with their listeners, whether that by via social media or at local events, be apart of the community and interact with businesses & residents alike. This will help build trust & shows your listeners that you're truly passionate about delivering the entertainment they want to hear.
  2. Preparation is key...
    If you haven't put in the prep-work, then you're going to struggle. Experienced presenters are GREAT at improvisation, but it can be a struggle at first. Have a few bullet points ready for you as a prompt, you don't want to read them, but definitely use them to kickstart your brain. We've all had that awkward moment where we know exactly what we want to say, but we can't quite form the sentence... a few handy notes will help avoid this and help you pull of your next link without a hitch!
  3. Be descriptive & imaginative
    Remember, your listeners only have your voice - they can't see what you can see, they can't see your hand gestures, they can't see your face and emotion - they can only hear it. Be emotive, be descriptive, paint a picture that allows your listener to get a real feel for the story you're telling; whatever it may be.
  4. Be social, be seen.
    We've touched upon visual radio a few times, though in short, radio isn't just about live audio broadcasting anymore. There are so many aspects that make up a successful radio station and radio show - social media is absolutely vital when it comes to marketing your show. Stay up-to-date on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and all of the other wonderful platforms; it's where your listeners are. Post snippets of your show, direct your listeners to your socials and the favor will automatically return itself.
  5. Talk to your presenter friends...
    Remember, this is not a competition. Fellow DJ's & presenters on your radio station are all there with one aim; to deliver outstanding entertainment to those listeners that you've worked so hard to get. Promote each other & support your shows. Interact & get each other involved - who knows, you might even be able to share some other tips & tricks with each other?!

    More to follow very, very soon!


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