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5 Ideas for Your Internet Radio Station in Summer 2023

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Dylan Doughty


As the summer of 2023 approaches, internet radio stations have a unique opportunity to engage and captivate their listeners with exciting and fresh content. Whether you're an established broadcaster or just starting out, incorporating new ideas into your programming can help you stand out from the crowd and create a memorable experience for your audience. In this blog post, we'll explore five great ideas to try on your internet radio station this summer.

Summer-themed Playlist:

Create a vibrant and energetic playlist that perfectly encapsulates the essence of summer. Curate a collection of songs that evoke feelings of sunshine, relaxation, and adventure. Include popular hits as well as lesser-known gems that resonate with the season. Consider featuring genres like reggae, tropical house, pop, or upbeat indie tunes. Engage with your listeners by inviting them to suggest their favorite summer tracks and incorporate their suggestions into your playlist.

Live Interviews with Local Artists:

Summer is a time when artists and musicians often embark on tours or perform at festivals. Capitalize on this by conducting live interviews with local artists or bands who are making waves in your community. Offer them a platform to discuss their latest projects, share stories from their musical journey, and even perform acoustic sets live on your station. This not only provides unique content for your listeners but also helps support local talent and strengthens your connection with the local music scene.

Outdoor Broadcasts and Event Coverage:

Take advantage of the sunny weather and the abundance of outdoor events happening during the summer months. Arrange to broadcast live from festivals, concerts, or community gatherings in your area. Bring your listeners right into the heart of the action by providing real-time updates, interviews with attendees or performers, and capturing the vibrant atmosphere. If you can't physically attend events, consider partnering with event organizers or correspondents to provide live coverage and bring the excitement of summer events to your listeners.

Summer Giveaways and Contests:

Engage your audience by hosting summer-themed giveaways and contests. Partner with local businesses, concert promoters, or brands to offer exciting prizes such as concert tickets, beach gear, or even vacation packages. Create interactive contests that require listener participation, such as photo contests, trivia quizzes, or song dedications. Not only will this generate buzz and excitement around your station, but it will also help build a loyal and engaged community of listeners.

Summer Talk Shows and Podcasts:

Summer is a great time to introduce special talk shows or podcasts that revolve around topics such as travel, outdoor activities, summer fashion, or health and wellness. Invite experts, influencers, or enthusiasts as guests to share their insights, tips, and experiences. Discuss popular summer destinations, recommend activities, and provide practical advice for making the most of the season. By diversifying your programming and catering to different interests, you'll attract a wider audience and keep them engaged throughout the summer months.


This summer, make your internet radio station a go-to destination for listeners seeking a fresh and exciting experience. Incorporate these five great ideas into your programming to create a memorable and engaging summer season. From curated playlists and live interviews to outdoor broadcasts, giveaways, and summer-themed talk shows, there are endless possibilities to captivate your audience and stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Embrace the season's energy, bring your listeners closer, and make your internet radio station the soundtrack of their unforgettable summer.


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